Safe storage of water-polluting (non-flammable) hazardous substances


It’s not just flammable substances which pose a threat to people and the environment. Just like chemicals, water-polluting fluids (water pollution classes 1 – 3) must be stored safely and with great care. This is required by law in accordance with the principle of duty of care in the Water Resources Law (WHG) and the Technical Regulations for Hazardous Substances (TRGS 510), for example.


We offer a tailored range of products for the storage of poisonous substances and chemicals. Whether you need an acids cabinet, an alkalis cabinet or a stainless steel chemicals cabinet, you’ll find a selection of approved products here for both active and passive storage of hazardous materials. Choose between wing doors or space saving folding doors.

Chemicals cabinets are the proven benchmark for excellent price-performance ratio storage. Space saving suspended doors, practical slide-out cabinets or cabinets with shelving: Here you’ll find practical models for ensuring work safety when storing water-polluting hazardous materials. Acids and alkalis can be stored together, above a partitioned sump.

Chemicals cabinets from the “Systema” range are ideal for the stringent chemicals storage practices required in laboratories, schools, institutes and universities. The high quality of these cabinets is based on a sturdy steel plate body. The cabinets can then be individually fitted with shelves, sumps and other accessories. Glass doors give the cabinet a thoroughly modern look and make it more practical to use. With the body in anthracite grey, seven door colour options give a wide range of colours to choose from. Three widths and two heights extend the range of options available.