Environmental cabinets and safety cabinets


Environmental cabinets and safety cabinets with a safety box are the ideal solution when you are working with fluids of both categories: water-polluting and flammable. Use the safety box in the environmental cabinet for the safe storage of flammable fluids and save on purchasing a separate fire rated cabinet.


This special safety box in accordance with EN 14470 offers the necessary fire protection for the storage of small quantities of fluids. The remaining space in the safety cabinet is available for the storage of purely water-polluting fluids. The safety box is ready to connect to an extraction fan. Acid or alkali resistant plastic sump inserts are available as an accessory.

You’ll save space and money and keep your hazardous materials in a poisons cabinet behind locked doors. The wide wing doors, sump and shelving make this product easy to use on a daily basis.

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So sparen Sie Platz und Kosten und haben Ihre Gefahrstoffe in einem Giftschrank sicher hinter verschlossenen Türen. Breite Flügeltüren, Bodenwannen und Fachböden erhöhen den Komfort in der täglichen Praxis.

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